an educatee, a scientist, a creative, cheerful child who lives healthy, safe and active, works independently in the world, grows at the patriot of his country.

Rikavas parish educational institutions

Rikavas civil parish cultural house

Rikavas pagasta kultūras namsRikavas parish cultural house is built in 1991 as a parish administration institution OF Rikavas.

The mission of the cultural house is the preservation, promotion and transfer of Latvian people's traditions and cultural heritage to future generations. To promote the involvement of parish citizens in self-operation. Full use of free time, preservation of cultural traditions. Organising national, traditional annual events, thematic events and recreational activities. Working with mass media regularly on the work of the cultural house and promoting activities.

Address: Jaunības Street 10, Rikavas parish, LV-4648
Manager: Inese Vērdiņa
Telephone: 64607087, 27301141

Rikavas civil parish library

Rikavas pagasta bibliotēka - Biblioteka.lvAddress: Jaunības Street 15, Rikava, Rikavas civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV – 4648

Manager: Wilma Poplavska
Phone: 64607086

Ensemble “Rikava”

The main pillar of cultural life in Rikava has been Etnographic ensemble for 60 years Rikava (lead Aija Dundure), one of the oldest folklore companies in the country, has celebrated all Latvia with his songs and plays, participating in all international festivals in Latvia Baltica. He was a welcome guest in the 1995, 1997, 1999 Latgale television music festivals in Rezekne, participating in some TV and cinema films: It sings and dances in Latvia, three-minute flight, flowers my flax fever, Rutoj, sun, bitter, bite etc. The ensemble has been concerted in Leningrad, Vilnius, Opochka, Kupiiski. In 1990, Ansablis participated in the international folklore festival Kiev (Ukraine), in 1998 XXII Baltic Sea and Nordic Festival Gdansk (Poland), in 2001 IV International Festival Cantele and a Finnish-born folklore festival that took place in the Republic of Carelia, Petrozavodsk. In 2007, Ansablis participated in the third international folklore festival “Sophia Spring” in Bulgaria. A small collection of ethnographic ensemble folklore material has been created IN THE Rikavas cultural house.

Rikavas School and kindergarten

Rikavas pagasts - Rēzeknes Novads In rikava, the manor building operates Rikavas primary school and Rikavas pre-school educational institution.

Address: Schools street 5, Rikava, Rezekne municipality, LV-4648

Tel.: 64640736

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