Ūdens1,22 EUR/m3 (excluding VAT)
Sewerage1,47 EUR/m3 (excluding VAT)

Other paid services

Sakstagala aktivitāšu centra telpu noma0,19 EUR par 1 m²/diennaktī
Rent of Fr. Trasuna museum “Kolnasāta” exhibition hall20,00 EUR/h
Rent of museum “Kolnasāta” fireplace rooms10,00 EUR/h
Fr. Trasuna muzeja “Kolnasāta” muzejpedagoģiskā programma "Kāzas Latgalē"EUR 50,00
Fr. Trasuna muzeja “Kolnasāta” muzejpedagoģiskā programma “Senās tradīcijas Kristībās”30,06 EUR
Attendance of the exhibitions in the Fr. Trasuna museum “Kolnasāta”Ticket for adults – 1,00 EUR;
Pupils (7 years to 18 years);
Students, pensioners – EUR 0,70
Free entry:
- Rezekne municipality for pupils;
- pre-school children under 7 years of age;
- for group guides - max. 2 (if there are at least 20 people in the group);
- children with disabilities, orphans and children left without parental care.
- the nurses of the day care centre and boarding school, as well as the students of the psycho-social rehabilitation centre and the persons accompanying them (presenting the certificate of status);
- media representatives reflecting the progress of the museum
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