Viewing objects and historical persons

Sakstagala parish people such as Francis Trasuns (1864 –1926), the most prominent politician of Latgale, a Catholic clerk, a public employee, literate, the initiator of the idea of Latvia's merger, literature, the famous wife of Latgale awakening employee Franz Kempa Constance Daugule - Kempa, clerk, People's Song Saver Felix Boļeslav Laizāns, writer Raimonds Tradog, clerk, director of the Rēzekne Teacher Institute, magazine Catholic dzeive publisher Dominic Java, newspaper New Latgola editor Ludza Gymnasium Director Karlis Sangovičs, newspaper Latgola vourd editor Janis Ikaunieks. Sakstagala parish proud of Franz Trassun Museum Colnasateestablished in his home home in 1992 Colnasate and has become a significant cultural history centre and tourism object. The museum exhibits an exhibition on Fr. The trassil and the landlord, the writer John Khalifa, the thematic exhibitions, and the ancient household objects.

The parish has organized the exhibitions of crucifixes, Catholic spiritual books, ancient post tools and local handsmen, events of cultural and attitudes to the leaders, meetings with significant cultural and literary staff and Saeima members. 3 architectures, 1 art and 1 archaeological monument are located in the parish area. The architectural monument of national significance is Ciskādu Roman Catholic Church with the painting in it Madonna with a child, crucifixes and organs. The church is a brick building, built in romance styles in the old wooden churches and a cemetery. There is also a great deal of attention Ulyanov Old Believers' House and Willow primary school building. In parish territory is located Subcutaneous antiques and war graveComulteus and Subcutaneous arable stones.

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