Sakstagala parish

9294.8 ha

Pagasta kopējā platība

102.4 ha


2017.8 ha


5956.2 ha

l/s izmantojamā zeme


Iedzīvotāju skaits (uz 01.01.2022)

Sakstagala parish is located in Rēzekne district, Latgale highlands, in the Rēzekne lowlands, 15 km from Rēzekne and 17 km from Viļani. The territory of the parish is crossed by the Riga - Moscow highway and the Riga - Moscow railway line with the Sakstagala station. The administrative center of the parish is Sakstagals, most populated areas Ciskādi and Ulyanov. The municipality of Sakstagala parish has been a unit of the “Dricana parish association” of the municipality of Rezekne since 2019.

In the history sources, Signagals was first mentioned in 1582. Sakstagala parish was first established on 19 February 1897, then part of the Rēzekne District.

More than half of the parish population is Latvians, almost as much as the Russian population, the other Lithuanians, Poles, Belarusians, Ukrainians. One of the most important industries in the parish is logging and wood processing. The largest timber processing companies are located in Ciskados - ZS “Majori” (carpentry, manufacture of bedding), Sakstagalā - “Lapsiņas - K”. The largest businessman in the parish is SIA “Vlakon”, which is based on cluster, asphalt production, fish farming and processing, tourism. The company has gained recognition with its new brand “Pērtnieku gardumi”. The nursery “Sakstagals” offers a wide variety of flowers and plants.

There are two educational institutions in the parish: Sakstagala Jānis Klīdzējs primary school named by famous Latvian writer Jānis Klīdzējs and the Ulyanov pre-school educational institution “Skudriņas”. The individual company “Ciskadi” operates, a pharmacy who also serves the parish population.

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