IN administrative centre Maltā well-developed infrastructure. The largest number of jobs is provided by local authorities and the company. Business is mainly focused on trade and timber processing. Maltas parish operates a number of companies engaged in logging and wood processing. The largest wood processing companies in parish are: SIA “ASO Timber”, SIA “Lak-L”, SIA “Latgales taras company”. SIA “Gabo” and SIA “liska” are handled by logging, with timber trade and purchase - SIA “contact” and SIA “Silva”. Construction companies – SIA “Maltas builder”, SIA “Inteko Wood”.

Total area of farms – 1217,6 ha, including agricultural land – 783,6, forest land area – 226,1 ha.

The most powerful farms in THE parish OF Maltas are:

  • z/s “dawn” — milk and meat livestock,
  • z/s “bee” - livestock farming,
  • z/s “ilzte” — dairy farming,
  • SIA “liska” – cereals (largest grain producer in parish), additional wood processing, transport services,
  • z/s “Marrakes” livestock farming, cereals.

Farms are mainly specialised in crop production, in the production of cereals, potatoes and perennial grassland, livestock farming, cattle (including dairy cows), pigs, sheep and horses, poultry farming and beekeeping.

“Malny Vylki”

Aivars is a potter in several generations. In the “Malny Wylky” workshop, you can see the traditional work-making process from swirling with footed rope until it is burned in a holy-shaped wood-shaped sanctuary. Vēsma Ušmouse is a ceramic and artist, active in painter association V.I.V.A, participated in many exhibitions both in Latvia and abroad. Aivars painted ceramics and cool fantastic oil paintings add to each other creative additions, tourists from here drive inspiration, not for the devil “Malny wylky” is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rezekne municipality.

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