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In birch and surroundings

Micane Kirkas kalns - Full Scale located in a standalone, rounded around a mountain of 20 m. In 1792, a Lutheran church was built in the kirk hill, which was burned in 1912. Full-scale adjusted plane diameter around 35-40 m. The castle had been populated in our era.

Bērzgales primary school, Nautrēnu secondary school unit (secondary school between 1957 and 2002) was founded in 1896 as a Bērzgales 3 classic primary school for Latvian children. The school was opened by Antonijs Veitko. Between 1927 and 1990, the school was located in an old manor building. 1990. On December 8, the school gets new premises at Ritupes Street 25. Parish budgetary institutions: primary school, primary school educational institution, cultural house, library, Anton Rupaja Museum,

AT THE END OF Bērzgales, a free-nature erection was built on the shore of Lake Micane, a volleyball area. There are visitors, cultural and recreational events, summer camps. Tourists and natural lovers are often rested in the peninsula. Traditional events are organised in the open-air erection: the festival of Livonian and Festival, Anne Day, sports festival, green balls. In the second Saturday of August, Berzgale is gathering people from close and distant places of Latvia, because the tomb is happening during this time.

Well-equipped beach at the Meuranium Lake and the park area of the manor park.

Holiday homes can be used for tourists “Meirānu krasts”, “Lake sonata'and'Bouquets.

Bērzgales St. Anne Roman Catholic Church

Bērzgales Sv. Annas Romas katoļu baznīca | Latgales tūrisma mājaslapaBērzgales St. Anne Roman Catholic Church is located in the centre OF Rēzekne Municipality Bērzgales parish in Berzgale.

THE first Catholic Church OF Bērzgales was located at the site where the current church is now, but neither the noble nor the time is known. The current church was built in 1770 on Baroness Manteifeles and dedicated to the Holy Ann. It was initially smaller - until 1938, when it was expanded during the life of Leon Garshka, with the removal of pressuria, extending and expanding the crane on both sides. The reconstruction works were completed during the operation of prāvesta Broņislava Kudik, obtaining almost half a larger space.

THE Bērzgales Church is a Renaissance baroque stone wall building, a cross design building with two towers, 24 metres long and 10 metres wide, with tiles floor. 100 people can be located in church benches. A staircase is taken from the church hall to a balcony where Cora's rooms and 32-key organs were built in Vilnius in 1891. There is a wooden fence around the church. The church is based on the Aglona Basilica model.

The church has three altar. In the central altar, decorated with cockpits in a baroque style and dedicated to the honour of Saint Anne, there is a painting of Saint Anne, but above it St. Peter's painting. The left is the altar of the Virgin, and the good, Mr. Christ's altar.

Bērzgale Manor

Bērzgales muiža - Rēzeknes Novads The House of Manor is an architectural monument of local significance. 

In documents Bērzgale, the name “Bergmeat” is mentioned in 1468, as a branch of Rosittene Castle in Berzgale, which was called Kirk. From 1546 to 1830, the estate was the property of the Manteiferous family. In 1832, the manor's palace was demolished. As a result of marriages, the estate was transferred to Antonia Veitko, who, in 1878, built the new building of the manor, which remained until today.

Antonijs Veitko (1821 – 1893) raised a mud from burned bricks. The building was Latgale's uncharacteristic “summer-type” single-storey L-shaped stone building with a heavy mansard crown by Atika. The main facade of the building was engraved by rich trellis. In 1924 – 1938, the building was rebuilt for the purpose of the school. In the building since the 20 th century. In the early 20 s, the school was running until 1993. By 2013, the building of Latgale craftsmen's school service was located in the building. Since 2013, the building was empty.

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