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Bērzgales pagasta izglītības iestādes

Berzgales parish cultural house

2012. gada 11.novembrī

The cultural house shall be co-operated with other parish administration institutions: library, museum, primary school, pre-school educational institution, and with the Latgale artisanal masters school, as well as with other parish and county cultural institutions. 6 artistic self-activities and two groups of interests are active in the cultural house. The number of self-performing collective participants is 80, which is approximately 11% of all parish residents. The cultural house organises all national and traditional festivals in rural parish, as well as various informative educational and entertainment events for various groups of the population.

IN Bērzgales, the cultural house operates: folklore set, the children's dance collective “Berzgalite”, the women's vocabulary “Azarpučes”, the children's bar association “caramel”, the sports interest group, the youth club “battery”, as well AS THE Bērzgales parish library.

Address: Ritupes Street 34, Berzgales parish, LV-4612
Manager: Daila Ekimane
Telephone: 64644633 (secretary), 26185204

Bērzgales parish Antona Rupaiņa museum

Antona Rupaiņa Museum is located in the village of Rēzekne Bērzgales, who is located in a picturesque place between Micānu and Meirānu Lakes.

The museum shows the exhibition “Anton Rupains Room and Bērzgales parish history”, as well as visitors have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with ancient household and work subjects.

The versatile personality of the writer is reflected in many photographs, documents, books, personal belongings. The presence of the latgalic colorite and humor in the juicy expressions of the writer, who are read on the walls of the exhibition: “Siedieja pi writeišonas kai vysta pi permeadone”, “the heart is throbbing a new foal”, “the heart is howled by a spicy-vineit ol barrel” and many others.

By visiting Anton Rupaja Museum, it is possible not only to see the exhibition in the museum, but also to look at the parish historical sites: said Kirkas mountain, Sv. The Anne Roman Catholic Church, the Veitko family grave, and the Anton Rupains monument TO Bērzgales in the graveyard, the brothers' graves, the old-fashioned island in the Micane lake, the Veitko Manor building, the Peninsula in the lake of Lake Micane. As a guide to tourists, the installed information plates at the viewing sites will be excellent.

Admission fee: EUR 1,00. Free entrance: pre-school education students and pupils (children under 18 years of age), persons with disabilities; orphans and children left with parental care.

Address: Ritrivers street 34, Bērzgale, Bērzgales parish, Rezekne novj, LV-4612

Berzgales civil parish library

Address: Ritrivers Street 34, Bērzgale, Bērzgales civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV – 4612

Manager: Ilze Chudare - Sergeyeva
Phone ./Fakss: 64644633 (parish management)
Mob. Tel: 28740141

Working time:
Monday 8.00-16.30
Tuesday 8.00-16.30
Wednesday - holiday
Thursday 8.00-16.30
Friday 8.00-14.30
Saturday, Sunday - holiday
Lunch break 12.00-12.30

Berzgale cultural house folklore set “Berzgale”

Berzgales folkloras kopa Ivars KuzminsTālrunis: 26185204


Year of establishment: 1957.
Manager: Anna Adijan
Contact: Daila Ekimane

Bērzgale House of Culture's female vocal ensemble "Azarpuče"

Azarpuche  Leonids Vazhnajs scaledTālrunis: 26647377


Foundation year: 2012.
Manager: Sigita Kuzmina

Girls' vocal ensemble of Bērzgale House of Culture "Karameles"

Karameles foto DTālrunis: 26647377


Foundations year: 2015.
Manager: Sigita Kuzmina

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