SERVICEVAT excluding VAT 21%
Aukstais ūdens Bērzgales un Marientāles ciemā (ar 01.04.2023.)2.02 EUR/m³
Kanalizācija Bērzgales ciemā (ar 01.04.2023.)2.13 EUR/m³
Thermal energy IN Bērzgales62.25 EUR/MWh
Collection and removal of wasteaccording to THE SIA “ALAAS” invoice


SERVICEVAT excluding VAT 21%
Management0.14 EUR/m ²
Rent for residential areas without convenience (with 01.01.2020.)0.20 EUR/m ² (excluding VAT)
Rent for residential areas with partial convenience (with 01.01.2020.)0.30 EUR/m ² (excluding VAT)
Rent for well-furnished residential areas (with 01.01.2020.)0.40 EUR/m ² (excluding VAT)


SERVICEVAT excluding VAT 21%
Hire of the dance hall of the cultural house5.86 EUR/h
Bērzgales primary school sports hall7.25 EUR/h
Attendance of the a.r.p. museum2,00 (not subject to VAT) EUR/persons
The following are exempt from fees:
- pre-school students and pupils (children under 18 years of age);
- persons with disabilities;
- orphans and children left without parental care
Laundry2,97 EUR bez PVN/cikls
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