Educational and cultural institutions

Nautrēnu parish is rich in creative and active population. Six amateur art collections – VPDK “Vasalinki”, JDK “Troks voi”, Rogovka Etnographic ensemble, Rogovka amateur theatre, Dekteru amateur theatre and youth rock band Vysu voi nadaudz, as well as a variety of group activities. The multifunctional youth initiative centre offers opportunities for young people to play an active role, they engage in event-making, various competitions, day-to-day activities and projects. In the parish, there are many sporting people who play volleyball, basketball, football, table tennis, novus, stick, run and participate in competitions.

Nautrēnu parish educational institutions

Nautrene civil parish library

Address: “Crisis”, Rogovka, Nautrēnu civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV – 4652

Manager: Nelly Vilnius

Phone: 64644416 (kindergarten)

Mob. Tel: 26363203


Nautrēnu sports Halle - cultural house

Kultūras nams Nautrēnu Sports Halle - The cultural house was built in 2000 and has been able to enjoy culture and prove itself in various sports for 20 years. Nautrēnu sports hall - CN includes various events - traditional, concerts, theatre shows, cinema impressions, thematic events etc. 

Address: “Halle”, Rogovka, Nautrēnu parish, Rezekne novj, LV-4652

Tel.: 28335357

Address: Rogovka, Nautrēni parish, LV-4652
Manager: Inga Vigule
Telephone: 28335357


Nautrēnu parish Etnographic ensemble “Rogovka”

NautrēniEstablished: 21 December 1985

For the first time, there was only two songs in the ecr. Then came the gods, the funeral, the fair, the birthday of the anniversaries, and the song of the song was filled. With songs and voices not only Rēzekne municipality and nearby municipality, but also concert in Riga and abroad.

In the course of the operation, the ensemble has spoken extensively wherever it is called to musical, also in wedding, funeral, anniversaries, Dziesmusmas, folklore ensembles, music festivals, all “Baltica” festivals and elsewhere.

The repertoire of the ensemble is predominantly Nautrēnu. Not forgotten about the counselor, MR Miglinique, Fr. Kempa, A. Repeja, P. Jurciņš and Others, for the song texts, expressions, singing as well as Latgale's tradiconālajām games. The ensemble also comes with dance collectors - both young and old teach toddles.

Attempts take place in Rogovka hall. Tel.: 29440594 

Nautreni youth rock group "Vysu voi nadaudz"

Tālrunis: 25901043


Year of establishment: 2020

Manager: Ingars Gusāns

"Troks voi" youth dance collective of Nautreni Parish

Foundation year: 2012

Manager: Ingūna Ludborža

"Vasalinki" middle generation dance group of Nautreni Parish

Vasalinki scaledTālrunis: 26584286

Year of dibināšanas: 2018

Manager: Ingūna Ludborža

Nautrēnu parish amateur theatre

Tālrunis: 26421838


Year of dibināšanas: 1998.
Manager: Maruta Michchenko

Nautrēnu parish amateur amateur

Tālrunis: 29122057


Year of establishment: 1915.
Manager: Erika Bozovich

Nautrēni District Museum

Address: rogovka, Nautrēnu civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4652

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