an educatee, a scientist, a creative, cheerful child who lives healthy, safe and active, works independently in the world, grows at the patriot of his country.

Kantnieku civil parish library

Kantinieku pagasta bibliotēka Kantinieku parish library is AN administrative unit of THE Dricānu association that provides quality services to visitors and readers of the library, performs the records of printing, electronic expenditure and other documents, preservation and ensures their safety and provides public access and use of existing information. A free access to computers and the Internet as well as a Wi-Fi point is provided to visitors to the library. Libraries and information services are provided in the library. The younger children of the school have a separate children's corner (carpet, shelves with different toys, wall blackboard (white), children's table, etc.), offering a chance to work.

Address: “Administrative Centre”, Liuja, Kantinieku civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV – 4621

Tel.: 64640641

Kantinieku civil parish sports and recreational centre

Kantinieku pagasta sporta un atpūtas centrsAddress: Liuža, Kantinieku parish, LV - 4621
Manager: Valda Tutina
Telephone: 28727103
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