SIA “Anel”

SIA “Anēl” started to operate in 1995 when a shop was opened at the centre of Rezekne Municipality IN the centre of the parish of Kantinieku, where local residents were able to purchase food and essential industrial goods. The company's owner Yelena Shilova organized the shop itself. She acknowledges that the day was intense – to plan the assortment and quantity of goods, to search for suppliers, to ensure that the purchaser has access to fresh food, accountants and the like.

Confectionery products can be purchased on location in the Rēzekne municipality IN THE parish OF Kantinieku, but the largest company operates according to customer orders. It is also about creating a company website so that customers have a more convenient overview of the offer and provide more convenient order-making.

Economic activity

Livestock and Agriculture farms - SNA sources, KB Dundas, ZS Giuli, ZS Ieva, IK Jaunupes, ZS Kubuli, ZS Latgale pine, ZS forest, SS oak, ZS oak, ZS trolley, ZS sun, ZS Strautmala, ZS gateway, ZS Earth

Beekeeping - ZS allets

Crop-growing - ZS Bedri, Zs

Poultry - BLUE maple, Zs

Milk, meat family - ZS Apari, Zs

Fruit-growing, beer production - ZS forests, Zs



  • to promote the sustainable development of rural areas OF the Rēzekne municipality Kantinieku
  • to promote rural population in the area of rural development
  • to promote entrepreneurship initiatives in the municipality of Rezekne Kantinieku
  • contribute to the organisation and preservation of the environment

“Co-operation Platform”

  • Strengthening the civil society of Latvia and building a favourable environment for co-operation and operation of associations and foundations
  • building a common understanding of Latvia by developing cultural diversity potential
  • contributes to strengthening national and national consciousness
  • ensure the development and development of cultural values and/or art and other creative expressions
  • carry out the implementation of non-formal education programmes, interest education, lifelong learning, continuing training and project activities
  • identify Latvians around the world, cooperate with them, identify and promote their achievements on the farm, science and culture and ensure that these achievements are preserved and used in Latvia


  • contributes to the sustainable development of rural areas of Rezekne
  • promote rural population in the area of rural development
  • promotes entrepreneurial initiatives in Rezekne municipality
  • contributes to the organisation and preservation of the environment
  • promote the diversification of leisure activities to local populations;

Society “Public Activity Support Centre” - Activate citizens' involvement in public life, mutual cooperation in order to promote increased self-confidence, ability to function socially, motivation for self-employment

Recreational park “Priejvanagi”

the most important tourist period is from the beginning of May to mid-September, but there is no shortage in the winter months, as it is both a sauna and a hot water cube and a wonderful nature, silence and peace. "

“Pine hawk” Facebook page

“Willow honey”

The Bishukopju Dakulu family is one of Latvia's success stories - returned from Ireland. The beekeeping has begun not to be planned, and the economic hand and purpose of the family itself. Their own forces make hives and frames, collect honey and honey products themselves.

You can rest here, expand your knowledge of bees.

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