For families

Vimana boat trips

The ship will be able to watch THE lake and surroundings OF Lake Feimaņu, enjoying Latgale charm in full and listening to the kap.

Feimanu Lake beach, Feimaņi, Feimau civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4623

Mini Zoo “Rozīte”

The private collection of exotic birds and dwarfs. Option to look at the builder's built windmills and also call from

“Skredeļi”, Audrinu civil parish, Rezekne municipality


Tent places. Recreational place, boat rental, campfire site, children's playground, bathing site, purchase of Souvenirs. Visiting

Parka street 1, Pusha, Pusha parish, Rēzekne municipality

Raimonda Vāveran Touch Workshop

In the workshop, you can learn how to work with the tin once, 150 years ago and over the period to today. In the

Forest street 10, Gaigalava, Rezekne municipality


The hill in winter season, weather conditions, offers mountain skiing opportunities, while in summer seasons t

Plikpūrmaļi, Vērēmi parish, Rezekne municipality

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