Rēzekne municipality businessmen invite villages 2022



On 17-18 September, the event “Rēzekne District entrepreneurs invite villages”. In the course of two days, everyone will have the opportunity to visit the artisans of Rezekne, domestic producers, businesses and buy their products or the service they provide. In the framework of the event, entrepreneurs will have made special offers. 

Visitors must have their previous login until September 16! Each operator should be contacted separately, indicating that the visit will be within the scope of this measure.

More information on offers can be found on business websites or social networking pages, as well as by contacting the specified phone.


In the program:

“Whites” of the horse - horse riding. Picnic and rest.

Special offer: host story, children up to 12 years of age with horse 25 % discount, picnic and rest space 50% discount.

Address: Water-1, c. Spundjans, Ozolmuižas parish, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 26337449

More information: www.untumi.lv

Nursery “Sakstagals” – fruit tree, berry, ornamental tree, bush, winter plantations. Purchase of rare, exotic trees, bushes.

Special offer: purchase of self-grown fruit trees, berries, ornamental trees, bushes, winter crops. Purchase of rare, exotic trees, bushes. For visitors, a gift – a plant.

Address: Clover Pedals, Sakstagals, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 29440655

More information: www.stadi-sakstagals.lv

Holiday home “creeks” - laser tag or laser biathlon games, Latgalian home kitchen - pre-registration, holiday home renting.

Special offer: a small part of the landlady, 10% discount coupon for laser tag game, photo session location.

Address:  Creeks, Taunaga, Dricānu parish, Rēzekne municipality.

Tel. +371 29174868

More information: www.strautini.lv Or on the Host Facebook page

SIA “Zukurella” - cooked cartons: “Marshmallow”, pastilles from natural juices, apple puree zephirs with different berry flavours, eclare, poppies and non-food, creative workshops.

Special offer: the opportunity to participate in the creative workshop where everyone can make coloured poppies. Workshop price: EUR 4/person. You can purchase different types of sweets with a 10% discount.

Address: SIA CUKURELLA, “Lespes”, Dricānu parish, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 28339517

More information: on the Host Facebook page

Leather Workshop “Apkalnhouses” - Manufacture of horses, leather accessories and masters, excursions, room events, training.

Special offer: business story, chance to buy leather products, excursion and creative work with skin. Price 2 Eur/person.

Address: Adamov, Vērēmu parish, Rezekne municipality.

Phone +371 26597635

More information: www.apkalnmajas.com

Velga Krukovsky- the designer of the brand “Velga Code”, designer, designs clothing from recycled materials.

Special offer: the host story, a chance to buy unique coats. When you say a password “I'm natural”, YOU'll be able to receive a 15% discount for any new suit.

Address: Dew 1, Adamov, Vērēmu parish, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 25990217

More information: on the Host Facebook page

EVERY “rural taste”– holiday houses and confectionery; and Z/S Arabic three mud-flower honey (received only on 18 September from 12.00).

Special offer: cake “basket” tasting, joint formation. During the event, Bērzgales Anton Rupaja museum manager Skaidrīte Apeinne will discuss the history and culture of Bērzgales parish. During the event, it will be possible to purchase seven types of confectionery with a 10% discount: pies (fat, apples, cheese), cakes – “Pavlova”, “Berzgaliete”, “autumn”, “Anne biscuit”, “zorro”, “Vinnie”.

Address: Ritrivers street 37, Bērzgale, Bērzgales parish, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 26551171

More information: on the Host Facebook page

Canteen “morning” (received only 17 September).

Special offer: host story, lunch offer with pre-notification, free coffee with the most delicious pie.

Address: Ozolkalna street 1, Bērzgale, Bērzgales civil parish, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 26191534

SIA “KUUP COFFEE” coffee roasting (received only on 17 September from 10.00 to 12.00 15.00)

Special offer: businessman story, chance to buy coffee, coffee free tasting in Latgale. Demonstration demonstration of coffee roasting – at 11.00, at 12.00 and at 13.00.

Address: Viweas street 5, Lendži, Lendžu civil parish, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 28760376

More information: www.kuup.lv

12 the company produces smoked pork, chicken meat and sausages without chemical additives.

Special offer: experience story, 10 % discount for production, mini tasting.

There is a pottery workshop “Ceplies”, only in these days a excursion price of 10 EUR.

Address: “Deer”, Ceplars, Lendžu parish, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 29353940

More information: on the Host Facebook page ; www.voguls.lv

EVERY “Razna pine”- adventure in Razna pine trees - rope trace trees, climbing hay trees.  

Special offer: host story, 20% discount for rope route or climbing wall.

Address: Ezerkrasti, Čornajas parish, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 26415942

More information: raznaspriedes.mozello.lv

EVERY “Yukconm”– smoked Razna fish.

Special offer: uzņēmēju of entrepreneurs, demonstration of smoking and fish cleaning, tasting of fish, possibility of buying fresh smoked fish with a 10% discount.

Address“birch”, Strodi, Kaunatas parish, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 28377934

More information: on the Host Facebook page

EVERY “Razna-breck”- hire of boats, fishing with giddy Razna lakes, original souvenirs – floats from canes.

Special offer: for entire production (floats, gift sets) 20% discount.

Address: Seal, Kaunatas parish, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 27867745

More information: on the Host Facebook page

SIA “sapir L” fruit and vegetable powders, non-gluttered and veganic sweets.

Special offer: Negotiations on the use of fruit, berries and vegetable powder in daily meals, tasting and 10% discount for available production.

Address: “Marshes” village in Meški, Kaunatas parish Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 29298800

More information: www.safiral.org Or on the Host Facebook page

Honey fossil “Upesbei”- biologically certified beekeeping company, creative workshop, tasting of honey production (received only 17 September).

Special offer: business story, visit with 50% discount from human.

Address: Green Batteries, Kaunata civil parish, Rezekne municipality

Tel. +371 29235941

More information: www.upeslaci.business.site

Itkači country houses - rabbit farm, Souvenirs, tasting.

Special offer: special holiday offer - creative workshop. The formation of Souvenirs with masters – 3.50 euro/peach, thin pancakes (portions/3 pcs) with domestic jam, honey or sour cream – 1.50 euro, plow with meat prepared in gossip on fire – 3.50 euro, soup sock – 2.50 euros, dessert with seasonal berries – 1.00 euros, tea/coffee/drink/– 0.50 euros.

Address: New stalls, Mākoņkalna parish, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 22074283

Recreational area “Garkalni”- adventure route in trees, bicycle hire, picnic places, tents.

Special offer: business story, adventure trace in trees and other businessmen's offers for desires, 10 % discount for the person to exit the route.

Address: '' garkalns' ', Maltas civil parish, Rēzekne municipality.

Tel. +371 28347505

More information: on the Host Facebook page

Guest house “svilpaunieki”guest house

Special offer: uzņēmuma story and future plans, 20% discount coupon in guest house '' svilpaunieki ''.

Address: Castle Street 7, Lūznava, Lūznavas parish, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 25425522

More information:  www.svilpaunieki.lv

SIA “DKRobotics”- Manufacture of laser equipment and CNC tiles, 3D printing, metalworking, improvement of production lines.

Special offer: entrepreneur story, creative workshop “meet laser technologies” for free.

Address: Castle Street 4, Lūznava, Lūznavas parish, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 20228868

More information: www.dkrobotics.eu

EVERY “Obelisk Farm” – production of hemp and production of hemp products. (received only on 18 September, at 11.00 and at 15.00)

Special offer: entrepreneur story, excursion, tasting, gift for each visitor, cannabis batton, cannabis caramel and peanut/cannabis seed butter jar.

Address: Swans, Obeliska, Decaari parish, Rēzekne municipality.

Tel. +371 25123595

More information: www.obeliskfarm.lv

LPC “Viļāni” - agricultural service cooperative society, processing of organic milk production, BRYUNAL brand.

Special offer: excursion with tasting at a reduced fee of EUR 3.50 per 2.00 EUR/peach (adults), from EUR 2.00 to 1.00 EUR/peach (for children). Chance to buy Bryunal BIO milk production with 10% discount.

Address“Coast of milk”, Ornicans, Viļānu parish, Rezekne municipality.

Phone +371 29489812

More information: www.lpksvilani.lv

At Kaupra hotel, cafe.

Special offer: company story, chance to hold lunch, dessert gift!

Address: Viļāni, Viļānu parish, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 29440780

More information: on the Host Facebook page

Active Holiday Park “Chile”

Special offer: rim tag: 8,00 EUR/hour per person, each next hour of 6,00 EUR/hour. Shooting by target 15 shots 1.50 EUR. If you add a call game, the delivery of Rēzekne is free.

Tel. +371 28640576

Address: Rezekne municipality, Kaunatas civil parish, Strodi.

More information: www.aktivasatputasparkscikurs.lv ; on the Host Facebook page Or host Instagram on page

SIA “We GO up”

Special offer: Drag photo orientation activity, such as the Plexsnis village (you can customize and change the location) with your own or our bike.

Address: Rezekne municipality, Ozolaines civil parish, Piebalgs, Dzintars Garzs 67.

Tel. +371 26439575 or +371 20527977

More information: www.vefoor.com

Creative field “Leicyans”

Special offer: farm survey, live-fire-cooked omelet tasting, purchase of “chet clubs” eggs with a discount OF 20%.

Address: Lieutenant, Cheshi, Dricānu parish, Rēzekne municipality.

Tel. +371 28670203

More information: www.puordare.lv Or on the Host Facebook page

AQUA Bērzgale rent an exclusive floating house to Meuranium Lake.

Special offer: unique opportunity – overnight staying in the swimming house on the Meuran Lake, the group trips along the Meuranium Lake to 10 people, picnic site, catamarans, SUP boards, boats, cubic leasing possibilities.

Address: Ezershore Street 8, Bērzgale, Rezekne municipality.

Tel. +371 28782673

More information: on the Host Facebook page

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